Posted by on December 07, 2010 in Blog

Of all the places I have visited on the book tour thus far, coming to Utica last night was really special. My family roots are in this town. In fact, it was 100 years ago (in 1910) that my Uncle Habib (my father's oldest brother) came to Utica alone, at the age of 14, to find work and prepare the way for the rest of the family to emigrate to America. It is where I grew up and where my values were formed. Discussing Arab Voices in my hometown -- and with my sister Selwa and brother John and most of my cousins in the audience -- was really moving. And I am not just saying this because it was Utica, but the questions were very good. They also did a nice segment on my visit on the local news.

Back in DC today and a talk at the Middle East Institute tomorrow.