Posted by on October 19, 2010 in Blog

A full day in San Francisco. Lots of interviews and the Commonwealth Club. The "talk radio" interviews, if nothing else, make it so painfully clear why Arab Voices needed to be written. Question: "How can you say those people like us, when all they do is celebrate killing us, oppress their women and ...?" Answer: "No sir, Arabs don't hate us, in fact our polling shows that they like the American people, our way of life and the advances we've made. What they don't like is how we treat them... You ought to read my book".

And so on, for a full hour. The hosts are usually no better - but, again, that's why I wrote the book: to deal with the myths and misconceptions and provide a real picture of Arabs as real people - something so simple, yet still the greatest need we have.

The Commonwealth Club was wonderful. I've been speaking here for decades now. A great and informed audience, a talk that will be on NPR across the state, and a chance to sell some books.

On to LA. First stop CNN's "Situation Room".