We’ve told you in previous Countdowns about how terrible Mike Pompeo is, and how absurd it is to put someone in charge of world diplomacy who harbors hostility towards Muslims, associates with conspiracy theorists, and goes along with preposterous accusations that president Obama has an affinity for ISIS-like groups. Well, now we’ve made our case in a video you can watch and share on Facebook and Twitter. Better yet, there is now a coalition of organizations mobilizing to stop Pompeo’s nomination, from National Security Action to Win Without War, and they’re mobilizing under two hashtags: #StopPompeo and #WarCabinet. The latter hashtag, as you might imagine, refers to the fact that, with Pompeo, Bolton, and Haspel, we are far more likely to further erode American diplomacy (which 200 former ambassadors and top diplomats are raising the alarm about), and find ourselves pursuing another immoral and unnecessary war. Let’s not go down that path again, especially when the stakes are even higher this time around. Pompeo’s confirmation hearing is next week, and some senators have already gone on record in opposition based on him holding some of these very special views. During these difficult times, we are left reminiscing about Pompeo’s first congressional campaign when billboards went up proclaiming, “True Americans Vote Pompeo” and he didn’t condemn them, or when he shared a story as a “good read” that referred to his Indian American opponent as an “evil” “turban topper.” Yes, Pompeo has been consistent in his bigotry and, yes, things are this bad right now.