In the wake of this week’s ISIS terrorist attack in Manchester, the line between these violent lunatics and innocent Muslim communities was yet again blurred, and this time it was done by a sitting US Congressman.  Republican Clay Higgins of Louisiana responded to the ISIS attack in the UK with a call to arms for “all of Christendom” (yes, "Christendom") to confront “Islamic horror”, specifying that every “radicalized Islamic suspect” (yes “suspect”) should be hunted down and killed. They are “heathen animals”, after all, his Facebook post read. He finished up his post with: “Kill them all. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all.” When reached for comment by the Washington Post, Higgins said he was talking about the terrorists, not ordinary American Muslims, who are “very cool and very loving.” Well, certainly not all American Muslims are “very cool” (we know a couple of nerdy ones, actually), but if you’re walking back a dog-whistle to violence in favor of a strange over-generalized compliment, great, but it still doesn’t justify that initial unhinged post. But if there is a silver-lining, it’s that all the top (most-liked) comments on the Facebook post were highly critical of it. Alas, you can probably hold your breath until the next reprehensible statement by an elected official, and at a time when the hate continues to grow.