“In a glorious way that makes it easier to cram ALL of the Dem garbage...into only four districts.” This is from an email by an aide to former Michigan Republican congressman Thaddeus McCotter, explicitly proposing the gerrymandering of districts in the state. And let’s not leave out “the obvious objective -- [...] increase the black population in the black districts." We’ll give you a moment to collect your jaw off your lap. Republicans in Michigan have long claimed they haven’t tried to gerrymander the state to give their party an advantage, but these emails, showing otherwise, have now emerged because of a federal lawsuit, led by the League of Women Voters of Michigan. The suit argues that “Republicans violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments by minimizing Democratic representation for partisan gain.” The emails also showed Republicans attempting to redraw the state map to give their party 10 of the 14 district seats, but one Republican strategist pushed back with: “We needed for legal and PR purposes a good looking map that did not look like an obvious gerrymander.” Isn’t it amazing that this is all expressed in writing? If you’re not smart enough to avoid putting stuff like that on email, maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t be plotting the undermining of democracy.