Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia weren't the only scourges of bigotry that took center stage in White House policy this week. The Department of Homeland Security stepped up its aggressive efforts to deport mass numbers of undocumented immigrants - which is just another way the Trump administration is stoking xenophobia and creating a climate of fear in vulnerable communities of color. It is hard to believe - or stomach - that in schools across the country, teachers are having to ask parents who they want their child to go home with in the event they're deported quickly and unexpectedly. Some students and parents fear this scenario - in which a child is dropped off at school by his/her parents and then never picked up - that it is having a drastic impact on attendance in some areas. How is this helping our national security and future prosperity? But that's not the only White House policy that is having a major impact on the life of school kids this week - last night's announcement that the Department of Education is withdrawing its guidance that protects transgender kids is a leading contender for the most devastating act of the White House week. It's cruel and a really bad sign of things to come from a Department of Education and a broader White House determined to roll back social justice values that demand equal treatment and protection for all Americans. None of these policies make America great. It was a bad week for all of us, because we are one nation.

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