We can’t call it a Countdown without serving a weekly dose of presidential election news. We only(!?) have 172 days left to go until the nation picks our next POTUS, and the choices are getting pretty clear - - for the Republicans, that is. So clear in fact, Donald Trump will very likely secure the 1,237 delegates he needs to wrap up the nomination when California goes to vote on June 7th. And now that Trump has Sheldon Adelson’s money and bully pulpit, there’s only a few Trump holdouts left in the Republican upper echelons (Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney being the obvious, but a death bed apology is giving us hope). What’s becoming crystal clear for the Republicans is increasingly cloudy for the Democrats. Long-assumed to be headed for an easily triumphant convention, the Clinton campaign is still fending off victories and outright opposition from the Bernie Sanders campaign and its fiery followers. Despite the newsworthiness of the Oregon-Kentucky-Nevada results, the real drama is unfolding from the self-inflicted wounds the Democratic Party continues to hemorrhage from. Defiance is the word, as Bernie refuses to back down and the DNC Chairwoman keeps alienating Sanders as well as his base. With all the drama, it seems like there might be more interest in winning the blame game than winning the White House in November.