Donald Trump’s provocative candidacy is having a measurable effect on otherwise serious, Republican career-politicians. Rhetoric has transformed into dangerous policy rather quickly. Somehow the slur “anchor babies”—which until this election was almost entirely confined to the vocabulary of political outliers—has become an acceptable and downright casual term of reference. By no means a Trump creation, the phrase-of-the-week has seen many notable Tea Party and institution-backed Republican candidates alike not only condone its use, but some have scurried to outflank Trump to the right on the issue of birthright citizenship. Seven candidates (Trump, Walker, Carson, Jindal, Graham, Santorum, and Paul) have gone so far as to suggest eliminating the 14th amendment to the Constitution, which provides citizenship to any persons born in the United States. A few Republican candidates have taken an admirable stand against this policy prescription stemming from a slur, including Chris Christie, but not so many have challenged the now normal use of such an offensive term.