Democratic presidential candidates occupied the same stage for the first cattle call of the democratic race to the nomination. The candidates: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, and Lincoln Chafee each spoke at the Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame fundraising dinner in Cedar Rapids, in front of 1,300 Iowan activists. As the obvious democratic frontrunner, Hillary took the stage to gladly bash Republican candidates and Trump’s hair, but allowed no jabs to go to her fellow running mates who also bleed blue. Sanders, who received the loudest response from the audience, attempted to showcase his appeal to minorities (which he never needed to accomplish in Vermont). Although Sanders’s candidacy is no joke, Hillary still leads the polls by 34 points. O’Malley, who is still in the single digits, has yet to even be a road bump in Clinton’s or Sanders’s race to the White House, but showed his potential as he rattled off his progressive agenda to an excited crowd. Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb and former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee (Mr. Metric!) were the least noticeable candidates of the night, but were still received well. With less than 200 days until Election Day, the assumption of Hillary’s nomination will be tested as Sanders and O’Malley bring authenticity-not a household name-into the race. Clinton’s poll numbers and formidable war chest put her far ahead of every other Democratic candidate at the moment.