Posted by on November 01, 2012 in Blog

What are the issues that matter to you most in this election? What should the candidates be talking more about? What motivates you to get out and vote next week? Instead of hitting “reply,” you should grab a video camera (or a webcam, smart phone, laptop etc.), and record a short 30-second clip for us and tell us what issues are driving your vote this election.

Start your video with “I’m [insert name] and I’m an Arab American voter.

We want to use your video to inspire other Arab Americans to get involved and vote on November 6th. Be as creative as you like! You can upload your 30-second clip here, and we’ll be putting together a montage – a video diary of sorts – that we will then share with our community on social media.

Check out what we have done with some of our earlier submissions. 

Everyone gets 15 minutes of fame, and using just 30 seconds of yours for this important campaign is totally worth it. Also, if you send us a good 30-second clip, you get a free Yalla Vote T-shirt. So don’t wait, shoot your video and send it to us today.

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