Posted by Kristin Mccarthy on July 10, 2015 in Blog

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Florida Supreme Court Invalidates Congressional Redistricting

The Florida Supreme Court threw out parts of the state’s congressional map on Thursday, ruling that state lawmakers violated a provision of the Florida constitution prohibiting political considerations in redistricting when drawing the districts. Specifically, the state legislature must redraw eight of the state’s 27 congressional districts. More news from Florida.

New Jersey State Legislature Poised to Introduce Bill to Modernize Voter Registration and More

The New Jersey State Senate, controlled by Democrats, has passed a bill called the “Democracy Act”, would usher in a number of new voting measures intended to combat New Jersey’s low voter turnout rate, including automatic voter registration, online voter registration, expand language selection on election related materials, and permit in-person early voting. Currently the state ranks 39th in the county for voter turnout. The bill passed on June 29 and has sat on Gov. Christie’s desk for 10 days, which is unsurprising given that Governor Christie has said he might veto the legislation, citing concerns about voter fraud. More news from New Jersey.

Democrats Are All In – And All Over the Place - for Pennsylvania Senate Seat

Pennsylvania, home of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, is a key state in the Democratic Party’s attempt to regain control of the Senate. But the primary race for the Democratic nomination to unseat Republican Senator Toomey is a contentious one, quickly turning into an inter-party fight – exactly what the Democrats don’t want to happen. Joe Sestak has announced his candidacy, but Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is aggressively recruiting alternatives to Sestak, who the Party leader has criticized for running a lackluster, underfunded campaign. There are also a few other names being tossed around Pennsylvania’s democratic circles, making the primary race likely to be a crowded field. One thing is for sure: Pennsylvania is a battleground for 2016 and Harry Reid is leading the charge. More news from Pennsylvania.

Arab American Darin LaHood wins GOP Primary in Illinois’s 18th District

In a decisive victory to gain the Republican nomination, Arab American Darin LaHood in all likelihood is headed to Congress. Though voter turnout was abysmal, LaHood coasted to any victory over his challengers and is expected to easily win the general election in a overwhelmingly Republican district. This special election is to replace disgraced Congressman Aaron Schock, who resigned earlier this year amid scandal. Darin is the son of former Secretary of Transportation and Representative, Ray LaHood. More news from Illinois.