Posted by Kristin Mccarthy on September 08, 2015 in Blog

AAI compiles a weekly roundup of election news tracking key races across the country as well as legislation that will impact voting rights ahead of the 2016 elections. For AAI’s coverage of presidential candidates and races, make sure to check out our profiles over at #YallaVote’s Election Central. And for more state specific information, head over to our election map and click on your state.

Voting Trouble in Battleground Ohio

Ohio is a hotly contested electoral state for Republican and Democratic presidential hopefuls – both in the current primary season and when it comes to Electoral College votes in the general election. In fact, no president since 1960 has been elected without winning Ohio. Though much has been made about aging, unreliable, and insecure voting equipment in states across the country, Ohio has those problems and then some. Faced with aging equipment vulnerable to accusations of inaccurately counting “hanging Chads,” hours long voting lines, and closing windows of opportunity to vote, Ohio is positioned to be ground zero for controversially slim, and obviously challengeable, margins of victory. More news about Ohio.

Voter Fraud in Texas?

Last week a few national headlines caught on to a troubling story of negligence of outright voter fraud in eight Texas counties. The reports come on the heels of a major loss for Texas’ voter identification requirements, proponents of which often cited voter fraud as cause for requiring government issued identification at the polling place. Whether clerical errors that did not keep pace with death notifications, or bad numbers on both ends of the count (US Census data cited is over 5 years old) the news is troubling for advocates who have been successful elsewhere in disproving the hysteria around fraudulent votes. More news about Texas.

Michigan Is Drawing 2016 Hopefuls

Although Michigan’s Electoral College votes haven’t gone to a Republican candidate since 1988, Michigan has already lured prominent Republican candidates on the campaign trail. Recent early polls have shown that Michigan’s prized independent voters harbor high disapproval rate for both dynastic candidates, Clinton and Bush, leaving room for lesser-known candidates to attract attention. Perhaps more important than the general election, candidates like Marco Rubio and John Kasich are eying Michigan voter’s approval for the hotly contested – and wildly unpredictable - primary season. All said, so far the following candidates have made campaign stops or held fundraisers in Michigan since announcing their bid:  Democrats - Sanders, O’Malley, Clinton; Republicans – Rubio, Kasich, Paul, Cruz, Fiorina, and Donald Trump.  More news about Michigan.

Get Involved Locally with AAI’s #Yalla2016

You seem like someone who loves politics and wants to be involved. Whether you are running for office, considering running for delegate, or looking to work on a campaign, AAI wants to hear from you! We have a ton of opportunities for Arab Americans to participate in this election cycle: you can join us by hosting a voter registration booth for National Voter Registration Day, attend our Yalla Vote 2016 National Leadership Conference in Dearborn this October, or join us in running Arab Americans from every state for delegates to the national conventions. Be in touch with Kristin McCarthy ( to learn more about these opportunities.