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Hi, I'm Matt Heinz - an attending physician, a former state legislator, and a former senior official at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Learn more about me here:

What are you on the ballot for?

To represent Arizona's 2nd district in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

What is your ethnicity? 

My grandfather is from the village of Dhour El Choueir in Northern Lebanon. 


What's your immigration story?

My grandfather came over when he was 16 and became a small business owner in rural Colorado.

Did your Arab heritage impact the way you were raised?

Absolutely. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve sitting at the kitchen table with my grandma and making fresh grape leaf rolls.  

Why are you motivated to be in public service?

I’ve devoted my life to helping people, and running for Congress is just a way to positively impact more lives. When I became a doctor, I took an oath to do no harm. At the very minimum, our politicians should be held to the same standard, and it’s clear that is not happening.  

What issues are you focused on addressing, and why?

As a doctor, I’m not just concerned about the health of individuals, but about the health of a community. It’s about more than fixing a broken bone, or controlling high blood pressure. A healthy family has good paying jobs so they can afford to put food in the fridge, and to pay for that blood pressure medication. They live in a safe neighborhood with good schools so they don't have to spend all day worrying about their children. Health is about having a good quality of life. That’s why the number one issue I want to address is the economy. When people have good jobs in good communities everything else gets just a little bit easier. 

What’s your message to Arab American voters this election cycle?

Now more than ever your vote is so important. Please, go vote, and make yourself heard.


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