Posted on January 10, 2012 in Arab American Institute

Campaign Suspended January 16

Official Campaign Website

Phone: (603) 836-5643


Jon Huntsman has served in the administrations of four past American presidents and as the governor of Utah. He defines himself as a center-right conservative. Huntsman is in favor of reducing taxes (i.e. reducing corporate tax from 35% to 25%), repealing “ObamaCare,” and pursuing energy independence. He has stated that he believes not only in traditional marriage but in civil unions. He has also said that it is time to remove American troops from Afghanistan. Huntsman is considered to be cautious with foreign policy; for example, in relation to the Arab Spring, he warned against picking sides until the situation was clearer. According to him it is too early to know the outcome of the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. Huntsman has also criticized Obama for not understanding what Israel needs.


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