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By: John Verling

The Middle East is the home of Christianity. It is where Jesus was born and where many sites scared to Christians are located. Today, Christians are in minority in the Middle East and face daily persecution. The plight of Christians in the Middle East is of particular concern to American Christians and they are petitioning the government to act now before it is too late. 

Here are 12 quotes from American Christians on Christians in the Middle East: 

1. The Rev. Franklin Graham of Samaritans Purse visited the Middle East and told Megyn Kelly on Fox News about the plight of Christians: “Christians are not only being targeted, but they are being butchered. The women are usually raped by the soldiers. The men are shot or beheaded in front of their families. This takes place every day.” 

2. Steve Strang, founder of Charisma News, wrote in a recent article on the website about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East: “We must address the mass genocide of Christians in the Middle East.” 

3. Dr. Richard Land, executive editor of the Christian Post, wrote in a recent article about the slow motion genocide the Middle East: “Taken together with the targeting and killing of Christians by Islamist militants in countries such as Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and Nigeria, the world is witnessing a slow- motion genocide of Christians in the Middle East.” 

4. Author and producer Johnnie Moore wrote in an opinion piece for Fox News about how Christians in the West need to help those in the Middle East: “Christians in the West should stand up for those in the East out of regard for all they have given us over these thousands of years, if for no other reason.” 

5. Paul de Vries, author and president of the New York Divinity school, asked in the Christian Post for Christians to pray for those in the Middle East: “Lets us pray particularly for the many brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ in the Middle East-men, women and children- who are being persecuted brutally at this time.” 

6. Maronite James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, told the National Catholic Reporter about the history of Christians in the Middle East: “The richness and diversity of these groups and their rites is something to marvel at; it’s quite awesome to think that the language spoke is often the language of Christ.”  

7. The Washington Post covered a news conference about the fate of Middle East Christians, and quoted Leith Anderson on the cleansing of the region: “It’s an ecumenical cleansing that is forcing people who are Christians, by whatever label, out of the countries where their roots are from the beginning.” 

8. Ross Doutat wrote in an opinion piece for The New York Times about how the West ignores the Christians of the Middle East: “For decades, the Middle East’s increasingly beleaguered Christian communities have suffered from a fatal invisibility in the Western world.” 

9. Daniel K Norris wrote in Charisma Magazine about churches in trouble in the Middle East: “Churches in the Middle East are in distress. They need our prayers and they need our financial support.” 

10. Dr. Foley Beach, of the Anglican Church of North America, wrote on the church’s website about helping Christians in the Middle East: “As Christians in the West, it is appalling how most of our government leaders and the secular press have been silent. It is a genocide and humanitarian crisis of the likes we have not seen since WWII. We must not be silent!” 

11. California Democrat and member of the House of Representatives Anna Eshoo was quoted in the Washington Examineras saying, "There is an effort in the Middle East to obliterate all the Christians, period, because they are Christians." 

12: In a press conference aired on, Tony Perkins of the FRC attacks the inaction of the U.S. in helping the Christians of the Middle East: “Our administration has been reluctant to call this what it is and it is genocide, and there’s a reason. Because if we recognize what is happening in Syria and Iraq, we then have a moral and legal obligation to do something.” 

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