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James Zogby, AAI President and Founder of Zogby Research Services (ZRS), released a new ZRS poll today on Tunisian attitudes toward Ennahda, Tunisia’s ruling Islamist party. Two weeks before Ennahda is set to step down from power, the ZRS survey provides a comprehensive snapshot of the conditions which led to the Party’s decline in Tunisia. 

From August 4 through August 31, 2013, ZRS surveyed 3,031 Tunisian adults to determine their attitudes toward the developments that have unfolded in Tunisia since their revolution two and a half years ago. The ZRS survey found a deeply dissatisfied electorate and an extremely polarized society, which, in some cases, bears striking resemblance to Egyptian attitudes toward the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi pre-June 30th. And as was the case with the Brotherhood in Egypt before Morsi’s ouster, Tunisians’ favorability toward Ennahda has plummeted since its election to power.

“It appears that Tunisians, like the Egyptians before them, have had enough of the Muslim Brotherhood party and want a change in direction in their country, said AAI President and Founder of Zogby Research Services, James Zogby. “Where the country goes from here is uncertain, but the Arab spring is alive and well in Tunisia.”

Zogby is presenting the findings of the poll today, October 8th at an event organized by the Middle East Institute.

Key Findings:

  • No single political party has the support of a majority Tunisians. Ennahda, which appears to have strongest support base, still can only claim some degree of confidence of 28% of the public.
  • Two-thirds of Tunisians feel their country is moving in the wrong direction.
  • There is a dearth of credible leadership in the country. The only leader who enjoys 50% support is Hamadi Jebali, the current secretary general of Ennahda.
  • 94% say that in 2010 they were hopeful that the revolution “would bring about positive change.” Now only 39% retain that hope, while 55% say they are disappointed.

Download the poll

AAI maintains an extensive and comprehensive archive of Zogby Research Services and Zogby International polls on Arab, Arab American, and U.S. opinion covering a wide range of issues, including American attitudes toward Egypt.


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