Posted on January 01, 2011 in Campaign Statements

“We are fighting a war against terrorists, yet we have no jail in which to house terrorists if we catch them because we refuse to utilize our detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay. We have no ability to properly interrogate terrorists because we have removed the CIA’s role in interrogation and reduced our interrogation methods to the Army field manual that is published online for our enemy to see in advance. We shouldn’t give advance notice to our enemy what will happen to them when we catch them. It’s as if the ACLU has displaced the CIA and become the United States intelligence agency. President Obama has wrongly attempted to criminalize the war. President Obama, you can’t keep America safe by reading terrorists miranda rights, when A). they aren’t Americans and B). they have no rights. If the President hasn’t noticed, these are terrorists, bent on killing Americans–why would the President give rights to terrorists that we don’t extend even to foreign civilians?! I can assure you that as President we will not allow Al Qaeda in our criminal courts, and I’ll repeal this President’s executive order banning the CIA from using methods of interrogation beyond the Army Field Manual, and I’ll pursue radical Islamic terrorists as Sen. John McCain has said, to the gates of hell.”


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