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AAI and NNAAC convened over 200 community members at The National Leadership Conference to build community capacity and confront challenges both at home and abroad ahead of the 2012 elections. Arab American leaders from across the country gathered in Dearborn, Michigan to work on three distinct albeit complementary tracks: Advocacy, Community Building and Organizing. Within this framework and with the realization that we can most effectively advocate for change here at home, the conference goals were to:

  • Get Arab Americans involved and their voices heard (Community Building)
  • Promote better understanding of the Arab world (Organizing)
  • Promote the civil rights of Arab Americans and American Muslims (Advocacy)
  • Enhance US-Arab Relations and promote investment in the region (Advocacy)
  • Support Palestinian human rights and freedom (Advocacy)

For additional information on the conference, including program details, click here.

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