There is only 5 fast and furious days left until Tuesday, November 8th - Election Day! Even amidst the scandal, both candidates are zeroing in on the simplest message of the campaign season: turnout, turnout, turnout. Clinton's voter mobilization machine is already paying dividends for the embattled candidate, with early bird voters in swing(ish) states like Nevada and North Carolina are trending for Clinton as predicted. However, with some estimating that nearly one-fourth of all ballots have already been cast, there is reason for concern in the Clinton camp because that number is not nearly as high as they want it to be. Even more concerning for Clinton - and for American democracy - is how those low early voting numbers are correlating to some of Trump's "voter suppression" (or, "voter demoralization") strategies to keep people from casting their vote for Clinton. And for all the hoopla about the polls being rigged against Trump, the only reports from the polls so far are about Trump supporters hatching plots to intimidate voters. In fact, they're already being sued for it in at least four states and there's also one woman is sitting in jail because she tried to vote twice, for Trump. We'll remind you one more time that we've set up a one of a kind Yalla Vote Hotline with English and Arabic language services if you run into any problems or questions on Election Day. Yalla Vote!

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