Arab Americans and the Clinton Transition Process

Posted on December 21, 1992 in Washington Watch

A steady stream of major political interest groups and constituent organizations have paraded in and out of the Clinton Presidential Transition offices in downtown Washington in the past three weeks. They go in with positions papers, hoping to influence future policy; or with stacks of resumes, hoping to secure important positions for their members and supporters.

This is how the transition process works. On one level it’s functions are threefold: to prepare for the incoming Administration the detailed technical information it will need to fulfill the manifold responsibilities of government; to select the personnel who will staff this new Democratic...

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Round One: The New Hampshire Explosion

Posted on February 24, 1992 in Washington Watch

As the dust settles from the explosive New Hampshire primary elections, both the Democratic and Republican parties and their leaders have been forced to take a fresh look at their political campaign strategies.

In this first round of the 1992 elections President Bush beat his conservative challenger, T.V. personality Pat Buchanan, by a margin of 53% to 37%. The surprisingly large Buchanan vote was a clear protest aimed at the White House. New Hampshire’s weakening economic situation (its unemployment rate has more than doubled since 1988), gave Buchanan a perfect platform from which to launch his angry attack on Bush’s...

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George Bush and His Challengers: Who They Are and Where They Stand on Arab Issues

Posted on February 16, 1992 in Washington Watch

Six months ago it appeared certain that the 1992 elections would be a non-event. Buoyed by high ratings in the polls, George Bush seemed unbeatable. Democrats were in disarray. Paul Tsongas, a little-known former one-term Senator from Massachusetts was the only announced Democratic candidate. Other bigger name Democrats seemed unwilling and afraid to enter the race.

What is certain today, however, as the first rounds of the primary election season begin, is that the 1992 elections will be a real contest. Most experts still predict a Bush reelection, but so much has changed in the past few months that no...

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