Voting Rights Threatened in 27 States

Posted by on July 03, 2012 in Blog

Protecting the voting rights of disadvantaged and minority Americans has been a challenge in the United States since its first elections, and despite widespread laws to prevent racism and discrimination at the polls, the problem of voter suppression persists today. In 2011 and 2012, 27 states around the country saw legislation introduced with the purported goal of combatting voter fraud. However, the Brennan Center for Justice, among other groups, has pointed out that these laws could disenfranchise as many as 5 million eligible voters who don’t have easy access to things like government-issued photo IDs or voter...

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OH-09 Preview: Kaptur vs. Wurzelbacher

Posted by on June 29, 2012 in Blog

After making an important statement about the strength of organized and motivated Arab American communities in the New Jersey primary between Reps. Bill Pascrell and Steve Rothman, Arab Americans around the country are looking to replicate their success in a number of key congressional races. One such race is in Ohio’s 9th Congressional district, where Rep. Marcy Kaptur will face Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher. Rep. Kaptur is a long time Congressional representative from northeast Ohio, first elected to Congress in 1982. She is the most senior member of Ohio’s Congressional delegation and is among the...

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Arab American Republicans Weigh in Before Super Tuesday: Ohio

Posted by on March 05, 2012 in Blog

By Michael Akrouche

Michael Akrouche was a member of the administration of former Ohio governor George Voinovich

As Super Tuesday and Ohio’s Republican primary approaches, the Republican field offers few good options for Arab American Republicans. Though I have supported President Obama in the past, a sensible Republican with a strong economic message would have earned my vote in the primary and in November’s general election. Unfortunately, such a Republican is missing from the field of candidates this year. Mitt Romney has the potential to be that candidate. His experience in the private sector and his time as governor of...

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