With Elections on the Horizon, Arab Americans Have Much to Be Proud Of

Posted by on October 08, 2012 in Blog

As we head into the 2012 elections, it is important for the community to know that our voice counts and that we can make a difference this election. In a number of ways, we already have. The Arab American community has worked tirelessly in many states throughout the nation to register new voters and become more integrated into the political process. Today, not only are Arab Americans voting in record numbers, they are helping to influence the outcome of races like never before. In Paterson, New Jersey we saw how organized Arab American community...

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The Arab American Vote: 2012

Posted on October 01, 2012 in Washington Watch

Arab Americans matter. Well integrated into all spheres of American life, Arab Americans are teachers, medical professionals, auto-workers, and first responders. In communities across the country the Arab American business community is a key to local prosperity. Arab Americans are also a bridge to their countries of origin, providing critical political and business insights into developments unfolding in the MENA region. And Arab Americans have been termed "the weak link in America's civil liberty chain" - because the rights of the community are sometimes put at risk by aggressive unconstitutional law enforcement practices. 

In an election year, in several areas...

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Zogby: Poll Shows Arab Americans Are Key Constituency in Several Swing States

Posted on September 24, 2012 in Press Releases

For Immediate Release Contact Omar Tewfik(202) 652-4988 September 24, 2012

Arab American Institute to Release Survey on Arab American Vote in 2012

Washington, DC – On Thursday, September 27 2012, AAI will release the findings of its recently conducted poll on the Arab American vote, a key constituency in important swing states in this election. AAI will also make available data from similar surveys conducted over the past decade on the Arab American vote.

Dr. James Zogby said:

“A significant number of Arab American votes are up for grabs in this election. As our data going back to...

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AAI, NNAAC Adopt New Logo for Voter Registration Day

Posted by on September 18, 2012 in Blog

The Arab American Institute (AAI) and the National Network for Arab American Communities (NNAAC) have adopted a logo for National Voter Registration Day on September 25. The Logo, designed by Nabil Ahmed Khatri, a high school student from Queens, New York with his own graphic design business, will be worn by thousands of Arab American volunteers across a number of states participating in efforts to register voters for the upcoming November elections. AAI and NNAAC are mobilizing the community by hosting a number of election-related events including town halls, GOTV efforts, and a virtual phone banking system targeting eleven key states...

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Park 51 Comes to Michigan?

Posted by on August 31, 2012 in Blog

Park 51 Comes to Michigan?

In September, the Michigan Court of Appeals will hear arguments on whether the Islamic Cultural Association can move forward with its plans to convert the Eagle Elementary School, which it purchased in 2010 for $1.1 million, into a mosque.

Some residents, backed by the Thomas More Law Center, have filed suit to block construction. They accused the city of backroom dealing, because potential bidders on the property had earlier been told it wasn’t for sale. Since the district wasn’t obligated to put the property up for bid, that accusation shouldn’t halt the project....

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Arab Americans at the Conventions

Posted on August 15, 2012 in Arab American Institute

Arab Americans at the Republican National Convention


Mayor Sam AbedAlternate Delegate, District 50 

Sam Abed, mayor of Escondido, CA, has been an active member of his community ever since immigrating to the United States from Lebanon in 1987. For Abed, becoming a U.S. citizen “was one of the proudest days of my life”. In 2004, Abed ran for city councilman and won. This was only the beginning of his political career. In 2010, he became mayor of Escondido. As mayor, Abed believes “we have come to a crossroads in the...

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Michigan Primaries Yield Positive Results for Arab American Candidates

Posted by on August 10, 2012 in Blog

The dust has settled after Tuesday’s primary elections in Michigan. Redistricting shook up the elections, pitting a number of incumbents against each other in tough races. Despite the tough challenges, Arab American candidates came out on top, winning each of their respective contests.

On the state level, Democrat Rashida Tlaib emerged victorious, winning in the newly-drawn 6th state House district. Tlaib, who currently represents the state’s 12th district, faced tough opposition from fellow State Rep. Maureen Stapleton in the Democratic primary. Leading up to the election, analysts had a tough time predicting the outcome of the race, with...

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Get Out and Vote: Michigan Primary Election Tomorrow

Posted by on August 06, 2012 in Blog

Michigan voters – are you ready to make an impact? The Michigan primary election is tomorrow, Tuesday August 7th, and re-districting in Michigan means that it has never been more important that you, as an Arab American, make your voice heard.

New electoral districts approved by the U.S. Department of Justice in January mean that even popular incumbents like Rep. John Conyers and Rep. Hansen Clarke of Detroit are running close races, and that every vote will count in tomorrow’s primary. Michigan voters will face a host of tough decisions tomorrow, including Republicans who must choose either former U.S....

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Make Your Voice Heard: Arab American Week of Action

Posted by on July 30, 2012 in Blog

The 2012 elections are heating up, and AAI has been working to keep you informed of key election developments in your state and nationwide. Now, we need your help to ensure that the Arab American community has a voice in the lead up to November.

Join AAI and NNAAC in mobilizing Arab Americans across the country to meet with their representatives in the home district office during our Week of Action from August 13-17. Building and sustaining a relationship with your elected official is one of the most important ways to effectively advocate on your issues. Our...

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Arab American Women Mobilize in Michigan

Posted by on July 10, 2012 in Blog

By Tess Waggoner

2012 Summer Intern

A group of Arab American women in Dearborn, Michigan are mobilizing get out the vote efforts in preparation for November’s presidential election. Founded by Jumana Judeh, Arab American Women for Obama (AAWO) has formed a committee of 20 members and is currently planning strategies and programs to increase voter participation amongst Arab American women this fall, including phone banking, canvassing, and outreach at community events.  Judeh is serving as a delegate to the Democratic Convention in Charlotte this summer, and is also the founder of the Arab American Women’s Business Council. ...

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