Dearborn Community Town Hall: Rejecting Islamophobia

Posted on April 25, 2012 in Press Releases

Dearborn Community Town Hall: Rejecting Islamophobia

Washington, DC – The Arab American Institute and local Michigan-based community partners will hold a town hall to take a stand against Islamophobia in Dearborn this Sunday, April 29. The event, entitled Rejecting Islamophobia: A Community Stand Against Hate, is expected to bring out hundreds of local community members, including various community leaders and public officials. Organizers say Dearborn has become a convenient stomping ground for anti-Muslim groups who target Michigan’s Arab American and American Muslim residents. This town hall reflects the community’s determination to stand up against what the groups identify as...

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Amash: A Young Politician with Bold Ideas

Posted by on March 05, 2012 in Blog

You know there is something wrong when a lawmaker, who is commonly praised for his unwavering commitment to uphold Constitutional values, is also labeled the most “contrarian” member of his political party. Representative Justin Amash, a Republican from Michigan, is a Member of Congress that has a tendency to vote out of sync with his party more than most other Republican Members. Amash is not a secret Democrat or a moderate – far from it. He’s a Libertarian who rode the tea party wave last election to success in Michigan’s 3rd district. His distinction from others in his Party is...

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Michigan Arab American Leaders Endorse Ron Paul Ahead of State Primary

Posted by on February 27, 2012 in Blog

Congressman Paul to Meet with Republican Community Leaders Today in Dearborn

DEARBORN, Michigan – February 27, 2012 – Michigan’s Arab American Republican leadership has endorsed Congressman Ron Paul for President today ahead of the State’s Republican Primary election.  Congressman Paul will join Arab American community representatives from Southeast Michigan, including Detroit, Dearborn, Southfield, Warren and Ann Arbor to accept the endorsement. The group will meet with Ron Paul tonight at 6:30PM. The meeting was arranged by the Arab Student Union at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, in coordination with Osama Siblani, editor of the Arab American News, the country’s largest Arab...

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Three Arab American Endorsements Bolster GOP Presidential Bids

Posted by on January 13, 2012 in Blog

(Pictured left to right: John H. Sununu, Justin Amash, Richard Hanna)

Three key endorsements by Arab American elected officials have bolstered the campaigns of three GOP candidates seeking the Republican nomination for President. Former New Hampshire Governor John  Sununu, Freshman GOP Congressman Justin Amash (MI-3) and Congressman Richard Hanna (R-NY) have all thrown their weight behind the candidates they believe should win the republican nomination and the presidency.

As a former New Hampshire Governor and White House Chief of Staff under President George H.W. Bush, John Sununu has been a key spokesman for the Romney campaign and a surrogate...

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Let’s Get Serious About Islamophobia

Posted by on December 12, 2011 in Blog

A few days ago, a right-wing group in Florida protested the TLC series “All American Muslim” on the grounds that “the show profiles only Muslims that appear to be ordinary folks” and not violent jihadists, demanding that advertisers pull their ads from the show. The result? Advertisers, including the national hardware chain Lowe’s, pulled their advertisements.

Now, let’s do a quick thought experiment: imagine if a white supremacist group called advertisers on the Bill Cosby show demanding they pull their ads because the show only featured African-Americans who “appear to be ordinary folks” and not gangsters and...

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Is Justin Amash the New Ron Paul?

Posted by on December 12, 2011 in Blog

POLITICO has an interesting analysis comparing the voting record of Arab American Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) to famed libertarian Ron Paul (R-TX). Check out the article for a detailed breakdown of their legislative similarities, and explanations of their ideological alignment:

"The two congressmen share not only mutual admiration but also the same line of ideological purity. Both flaunt a feverish desire to “end the Fed,” devote themselves to constitutionally limited government and preach caution about military action abroad."

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Republicans Debate in Michigan Tonight

Posted by on November 09, 2011 in Blog

Michigan is the next stop in the Republican Presidential candidates’ busy debate schedule.  The debate is co-sponsored by CNBC and the Michigan Republican Party and will be held at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. Although there have been many debates already this primary season, each one seems to have the potential to cause major changes in the race, and the Michigan debate this evening at 8:00PM EST is no different. Here are some key stories to watch for: This debate marks the first event at which all the Republican contenders will meet on stage since the revelation of sexual...

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2011 National Leadership Conference

Posted by on October 01, 2011 in Blog

AAI and NNAAC convened over 200 community members at The National Leadership Conference to build community capacity and confront challenges both at home and abroad ahead of the 2012 elections. Arab American leaders from across the country gathered in Dearborn, Michigan to work on three distinct albeit complementary tracks: Advocacy, Community Building and Organizing. Within this framework and with the realization that we can most effectively advocate for change here at home, the conference goals were to: Get Arab Americans involved and their voices heard (Community Building) Promote better understanding of the Arab world (Organizing) Promote the civil rights...

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