Fight Bigotry in the Classroom & #DefendDACA

Posted by Rawan Elbaba on September 06, 2017 in Blog

We like you have just heard the breaking news of the administration's intent to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Admissions). More than 800,000 young people, including Arab Americans, will be devastated by this policy change. To keep our families whole, we need Congress to ACT NOW! Please take a moment to stand up for these families by asking your members to support the DREAM Act. You can do so by clicking here. Of course, as we stand up for DACA, we also need to prepare our students to...

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#DefendDACA now by supporting the Dream Act

Posted on September 05, 2017 in Action Alerts

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Admissions) was the response to a broken political system that failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform. It was a way to provide relief to more than 800,000 young people who are American in every way but their papers. The decision by the Trump Administration to terminate DACA demonstrates that instead of leading and doing what is best for our country and these young Dreamers, the administration is treating them as political bargaining chips. We need you to take a few minutes now to demand that Congress act to pass the Dream Act S.1615/H.R.3440.

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Learn more about the #ReportHate Project

Posted on August 23, 2017 in Hate Crimes

We're collaborating with community partners across the nation to #ReportHate. Launched in response to the rising tide of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigotry, and the under-reporting of hate crimes and incidents against our community, #ReportHate establishes working groups in key states consisting of community leaders and organizations from Arab American and allied communities. The Project encourages communities and individuals to work with their elected officials to strengthen hate crime laws and encourage reporting through official avenues.  Our community-driven approach delivers a tailored strategy for each working group based on local needs, an acknowledgment...

Washington Watch: Charlottesville and Beyond: The Never-ending Struggle

Posted on August 19, 2017 in Washington Watch

by James J. Zogby The tragic and deeply disturbing events in Charlottesville last week provoked a debate as old as America, itself. Our nation watched as a motley collection of bigots descended on that town, ostensibly to "save" the statues of their Confederate heroes. Some were armed, and many chanted Nazi-era slogans about racial purity and their definition of "true Americanism". They were confronted by opponents who responded with affirmations of what they called "American values" of diversity and tolerance. As the confrontation devolved into horrifying violence, we asked, "what did all this say about who we...

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Don’t Fall for Anti-Immigrant Scare Tactics on Sanctuary Cities & Gangs

Posted by Guest on August 18, 2017 in Blog

By Celia Katz-Zogby By repeatedly invoking the threat of MS-13 gang activity, and maligning sanctuary and 4th Amendment cities, the Trump administration seems to be doubling down on its irrational and possibly illegal approach to undocumented immigrants. In an executive order released January 25, 2017, the Trump administration threatened to withhold federal tax dollars from counties and cities with sanctuary or welcoming policies. The administration accuses sanctuary communities of ignoring detainers issued by ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and violating 8 U.S. Code 1373....

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Forty Four years ago today, an Arab American from Yemen gave his life for a just cause

Posted by Guest on August 15, 2017 in Blog

by Bob Fitch - Cesar Chaves leads funeral processionfor UFW martyr Nagi Daifullah, 1973 By Annie Riley Farm Workers Join Together “No other segment of our population is so poorly paid yet contributes so much to our Nation’s wealth and welfare,” said the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Migratory Labor. This segment is our nation’s farm workers. In the 1960s and still to this day, the majority of the farm workers in the United States have been immigrants,...

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AAI Response to Charlottesville

Posted by Arab American Institute on August 14, 2017 in Blog

AAI Statement in Response to the Tragedy in Charlottesville

We are devastated but sadly not surprised by what we all witnessed on Saturday in Charlottesville. Whether these extremists are called white supremacists, KKK, neo-Nazis or fascists – they have no legitimate place in the dialogue of our nation. Hate is not a view or position; it is an evil that must be fought. 

We stand in solidarity today with allies who demand that we speak and act with moral clarity against hatred, bigotry and racism. That includes demanding...

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The Anti-American RAISE Act

Posted by Ryan J. Suto on August 04, 2017 in Blog

Originally published in The Hill.  Hey Trump, Lady Liberty's promise actually matters to immigration law

President Trump and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and David Perdue’s (R-Ga.) White House announcement of the new version of the RAISE Act, a bill that aims to lower legal immigration to the U.S. by more than 40 percentby turning away non-English speakers and low-skilled or unskilled immigrants, flies in the face of American ideals and is simply bad policy....

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Another Ban: Trump’s attack on LGBTQ Rights

Posted by Guest on August 03, 2017 in Blog

By Sarah Decker Following the Muslim Ban, which bars the entrance of refugees and individuals from five Arab countries and Iran, all Muslim majority countries, Trump’s latest ban seeks to prevent transgender soldiers from serving in the U.S. military.  The ban was announced through a series of tweets on July 26, just over a year after Trump declared his LGBT- friendly credentials, also via Twitter. The decision to prevent the service of transgender military personnel in any...

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