“That will only encourage more people to do the same thing.”

Posted on November 22, 2011 in Campaign Statements

"But to say that we're going to say to the people who have come here illegally that now you're all going to get to stay or some large number are going to get to stay and become permanent residents of the United States, that will only encourage more people to do the same thing."


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“If you’ve come here recently, you have no ties to this country, you ought to go home.”

Posted on November 22, 2011 in Campaign Statements

"I did vote for the Simpson-Mazzoli Act. Ronald Reagan, in his diary, says he signed it -- and we were supposed to have 300,000 people get amnesty. There were 3 million. But he signed it because we were going to get two things in return. We were going to get control of the border and we were going to get a guest worker program with employer enforcement. We got neither. So I think you've got to deal with this as a comprehensive approach that starts with controlling the border, as the governor said. I believe ultimately you have to find...

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Viewpoint with James Zogby: Chas Freeman, Frank Sharry, Ahmed Maher

Posted on October 20, 2011 in Viewpoint with James Zogby
Air Date: 10/20/2011 Chas Freeman, Chairman of Projects International; Frank Sharry, Founder and Executive Director, America’s Voice; Ahmed Maher, Co-Founder, April 6 Youth Movement
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2011 National Leadership Conference Video Archive

Posted on October 17, 2011 in Arab American Institute

Immigration Reform Post 9/11 (September 30, 2011)

http://cdn.livestream.com/embed/aaiusa?layout=4&clip=flv_1f8b4257-bec8-4b19-a81e-af1829f4a9ba&height=340&width=560&autoPlay=false&mute=false Watch live streaming video from aaiusa at livestream.com

Yalla Change 2011 Dinner (September 30, 2011)

http://cdn.livestream.com/embed/aaiusa?layout=4&clip=flv_53e597c6-d5db-4c17-8540-416ae7521406&height=340&width=560&autoPlay=false&mute=false Watch live streaming video from aaiusa at livestream.com

Defeating Hate Legislation Part 1 (October 1, 2011)

http://cdn.livestream.com/embed/aaiusa?layout=4&clip=flv_f1aa3a49-fa2e-4a4a-8fc7-bb3268a78a67&height=340&width=560&autoPlay=false&mute=false Watch live streaming video from aaiusa at livestream.com

Defeating Hate Legislation Part 2 (October 1, 2011)

http://cdn.livestream.com/embed/aaiusa?layout=4&clip=flv_0cf1c25b-a426-417c-9e07-55482ed19507&height=340&width=560&autoPlay=false&mute=false aaiusa...

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Canadian Arab Institute Attends NLC

Posted by on October 04, 2011 in Blog
By Raja G. Khouri Canadians have a love-hate, inferiority-superiority, affection-disaffection relationship with America. We know ourselves to be the junior partner, yet we think us the better one; we envy your greatness, yet mock your ignorance; we fear you, yet applaud the prime minister who dares defy you; we love you, yet hate that you hardly take notice of us; we vigorously consume your culture, yet vainly think ours more polished.
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2011 National Leadership Conference

Posted by on October 01, 2011 in Blog

AAI and NNAAC convened over 200 community members at The National Leadership Conference to build community capacity and confront challenges both at home and abroad ahead of the 2012 elections. Arab American leaders from across the country gathered in Dearborn, Michigan to work on three distinct albeit complementary tracks: Advocacy, Community Building and Organizing. Within this framework and with the realization that we can most effectively advocate for change here at home, the conference goals were to: Get Arab Americans involved and their voices heard (Community Building) Promote better understanding of the Arab world (Organizing) Promote the civil rights...

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Immigration Reform Post-9/11

Posted by on September 30, 2011 in Blog
Today in Dearborn Michigan, leaders from across the Arab American community gathered for the 2011 National Leadership Conference hosted by the Arab American Institute (AAI) and the National Network for Arab American Communities (NNAAC). The first topic addressed by the conference was immigration reform post-9/11 and its impact on the Arab American community.
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Civil Liberties, National Security, and Immigration Reform

Posted by on September 30, 2011 in Blog
At a Friday morning panel at the National Leadership Conference, a group of distinguished presenters discussed challenges related to civil liberties, national security, immigration reform, and the intersection between these issues.
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Countdown: Vol. 10, No. 11

Posted on August 23, 2011 in Countdown
When the House Ethics Committee barred members of Congress from attending Glenn Beck’s nutty rally in Jerusalem (wouldn’t that make for a nice official title?), Beck was furious with John Boehner and the Republican party...
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Ethnic Leaders Push Broader White House Immigration Approach

Posted by on August 15, 2011 in Blog
Jim Zogby, President of the Arab American Institute, helped organize a meeting of ethnic American leaders at the White House last week to discuss the urgent need for immigration reform. The leaders represented a great number of ethnic American communities, including Arab, Polish, Macedonian and Irish, Italian and many more. On their website, the White House Office of Public Engagement posted a blog about the meeting with White House Liaison to Ethnic Americans, Kyle Lierman reiterating the President’s dedication to reform the immigration system:
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