Khater & Ghannam Talk About Arab Americans in Media & Journalism

Posted by on March 29, 2012 in Blog

As part of its Emerging Leaders Program, the Arab American Institute (AAI) hosted an event last night with Al Jazeera's Rami Khater (left), Senior New Media Producer for The Stream, as well as veteran journalist Jeffrey Ghannam (right). Ghannam talked about his extensive experience in the world of journalism, as well as the challenges he faced as an Arab American, and offered advice to young Arab Americans who either wanted to break into the field or learn how to get journalists' attention to cover their stories. Ghannam also noted that Occupy Wall Street and other protest movements were...

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AA Generations top summary

Posted on March 22, 2012 in Arab American Institute
Each month, AAI’s Generations series brings together Arab American professionals in the Washington, DC area to celebrate, learn, and network with one another. From college interns to seasoned professionals, Generations convenes talented, passionate Arab Americans from all professional backgrounds to learn from one another. The Arab American community in DC is a valuable resource for new professionals as well as a platform for our brightest leaders to develop the next generation of Arab American stars.
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