Helen Samhan on Detroit Today (NPR audio file)

Posted by NPR on October 01, 2009 in News Clips

AAI Executive Director Helen Samhan discusses the 2010 Census in an interview with Detroit Today WDET 101.9.

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Take Your Census Form and Fill It

Posted by Rashad Al-Dabbagh on September 01, 2009 in News Clips

The hilarious yet misguided article titled “Take Your Census Form and Shove It” by Ray Hanania, which has recently been circulated online and published in some Arab American publications, including The Independent Monitor, shouldn’t discourage our community from participating in the 2010 Census.

Yes, Arabs still don’t have our own box, and continue to fill in the blank next to the “Some Other Race” box that we check every decennial, but avoiding the Census is like demanding a change in U.S. foreign policy under the condition of opting out of voting, lobbying and campaign contributions.

Let’s face...

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2010 Census data will affect your voice; some call it discrimination

Posted by Zeyad Maasarani on August 12, 2009 in News Clips

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — The United States Census has raised uproar in minority communities around the country, particularly amongst Arab-Americans.

"Don’t sit back quietly and accept this!" Ray Hanania, an Arab-American radio personality from Chicago, told IFN. "As a community, we should be screaming discrimination at the top of our lungs and demand our share!"

A comedian and a journalist, Hanania is very vocal about his grievance with the upcoming Census, and thinks Arabs should opt out from filling out next year’s questionnaire.

The 2010 Census, which will define the nation’s demographic landscape...

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The 2010 Census: What’s in it for Arab Americans?

Posted by AAI- Helen Samhan on August 06, 2009 in News Clips

In less than a year, the nation will conduct its once-a-decade census of the U.S. population. The 2010 Census will ask just ten basic questions about each household—like the name, age, gender, and race of each person living there. Arab Americans, who are not a legally recognized racial or ethnic minority, have no “box” to check and some have suggested we should boycott the Census for that reason. This begs the questions: where do we fit and why should we care?

The short answer to the first question depends on who is asking. If you follow the federal...

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