AAI Joins 170 Rights Groups to Oppose DOJ's Attempt to Add Citizenship Question to 2020 Census

Posted on January 10, 2018 in Press Releases

The Arab American Institute and 169 civil and human rights groups, sent a letter to Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross urging him to reject the Department of Justice’s request for Acting Census Director Ron Jarmin to add a new citizenship question on the 2020 Census. Download full letter here

Dear Secretary Ross:

On behalf of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, a coalition charged by its diverse membership of more than 200 national organizations to promote and protect the civil and human rights of all persons in the United States, and the undersigned 169 organizations,...

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Census Information Center

Posted on August 01, 2017 in Research

The Census Bureau has designated AAI as its only Census Information Center dedicated to analyzing data on the Arab American community. As such, we offer updated demographics on the Arab American community, custom research requests, and access to Census Bureau data tools and trainings. Follow the links below to learn more about our involvement with the Census Bureau.

Take Action by Supporting Adding a MENA Category to the U.S. Census

Posted by Arab American Institute on April 13, 2017 in Blog

We're asking for your help to address our community’s concerns including access to health and social services and expanding civil rights protection. Support the creation of the MENA (Middle East/North Africa) checkbox as an ethnicity category on the U.S. Census and other federal forms today.

In 2011, the MENA Advocacy Network was established to represent the interest of all communities from the MENA region in the U.S. Census. Since then, the Census Bureau has moved forward with testing a MENA category in time for the 2020 Census. Today, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is making its final decisions...

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Support Adding a MENA Category to the U.S. Census

Posted on October 18, 2016 in Action Alerts
Being counted by the census is one of the most basic forms of inclusion in America. Support Adding a MENA Category to the U.S. Census!
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Making Sure Arab Americans Count: Adding a MENA Category to the Census

Posted by Margaret Lowry on July 06, 2015 in Blog

The Iraqi American community is one of the fastest growing populations of Americans with origins in the Middle East or North Africa, but it’s impossible to get an accurate number of how large the population actually is. The most recent count by the Census Bureau estimates that there are 116,190 Iraqi Americans in the United States, but other data on the community suggests that this number is much too low. For instance, the Office of Immigration Statistics at the Department of Homeland Security found that in only the past decade, 103,487...

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The U.S. Census

Posted on May 21, 2015 in Research

AAI has been involved in three decennial censuses and works continually with the Census Bureau to advocate on behalf of the Arab American community through the Census Information Center and the Decennial Census Advisory Committee. AAI makes demographic data available on our website and does custom research on the Arab American community. We continue to work on questions of classification of the Arab American community on the census and encourage the Census Bureau to broaden its options pertaining to ancestry.

Arab American Leadership Days Kick Off on Capitol Hill

Posted by on April 29, 2015 in Blog
Today, AAI hosted a select group of Arab American community leaders from across the country on Capitol Hill as part of its annual Leadership Day.
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Make Sure You’re Counted - Tell the Census Bureau You Support the MENA Checkbox

Posted on December 18, 2014 in Action Alerts

Last month, the US Census Bureau announced that it will be testing the MENA category for inclusion in the 2020 Census. This is a vitally important measure to correct the problematic under count of our community. Now that the Census Bureau has officially announced it's plans to test the category over the course of 2015, the Bureau is soliciting public opinions on the MENA category's inclusion.

Please join our campaign to support the MENA category's inclusion on the 2020 Census by contacting the Federal Registrar now.

To read more about our efforts to include the MENA category on the 2020...

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Arab American Health Today: A Discussion with Dr. Abdulrahman M El-Sayed

Posted by on December 01, 2014 in Blog

By Kristyn Acho Fall Intern, 2014

Although Arab Americans are featured prominently in the media and public discourse, there is still limited research available on the health of Arab Americans. This dearth in information exists largely because large statistical projects to quantify the health of Arab Americans have not been undertaken. These projects are hindered by the lack of data on the Arab American population due to a massive undercount of the community by the Census Bureau, which identifies only a portion of the Arab American population through a...

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New AAI Poll Reveals Arab American Identity Trends and Political Concerns

Posted by on November 25, 2014 in Blog

By Kristyn Acho Fall Intern, 2014

This morning, Dr. Jim Zogby, President of the Arab American Institute, released a new Zogby Analytics poll, Arab American Voters 2014: Their Identity and Political Concerns.

The poll revealed that Arab Americans are extremely proud of their ethnic heritage. Sixty-three percent of respondents identified as Arab American. This high percentage is a continuation of an upward trend that began in the 1990s, when only 51% described themselves as Arab American by country of origin or as Arab Americans alone.

This reveals that a stronger sense of...

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