Forty Four years ago today, an Arab American from Yemen gave his life for a just cause

Posted by Guest on August 15, 2017 in Blog

by Bob Fitch - Cesar Chaves leads funeral processionfor UFW martyr Nagi Daifullah, 1973 By Annie Riley Farm Workers Join Together “No other segment of our population is so poorly paid yet contributes so much to our Nation’s wealth and welfare,” said the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Migratory Labor. This segment is our nation’s farm workers. In the 1960s and still to this day, the majority of the farm workers in the United States have been immigrants,...

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San Francisco pushes back against Joint Terrorism Task Force

Posted by Guest on February 13, 2017 in Blog

By Kelly Russo In the wake of Donald Trump’s executive order banning travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries, concerns that the Trump administration will continue to violate the first amendment rights of Arab American and American Muslims have risen exponentially. Civil liberties groups and activists have been prompting decisiveness from local governments and politicians alike. Last week, at the urging of the Asian Law Caucus, CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area office, Arab Resource and Organizing Center, and the ACLU of Northern California, the San Francisco Police Force (SFPD) has decided to suspend its contract with the...

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From Sea to Shining Sea, Communities are Standing Against the Muslim Ban

Posted by Joan Hanna on February 09, 2017 in Blog

From California to New Jersey, and places in between, like Michigan, local governments are standing for immigrants and refugees.   Fahim Abedrabbo was elected in November to the Clifton, New Jersey Board of Education. (BOE) Because Clifton is a diverse, ethnically and religiously rich city, Abedrabbo wanted support the city’s children, regardless of immigration status so he introduced a resolution to that effect. “There has been a [U.S.] law protecting student identities and we as the BOE have an obligation to protect our kids, no matter...

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How Your Local City Can Oppose the Muslim Ban

Posted by Nadia Aziz on February 02, 2017 in Blog

There are important legal challenges moving forward against President Trump's Executive Order banning Syrian refugees and temporarily suspending our refugee program. Before, during, and after these legal challenges are considered by federal courts, AAI is calling for cities and states to pass resolutions condemning the Muslim Ban. Below we have provided draft text that Arab Americans and our allies can present to their state and city legislators to be introduced and voted on. It is important for individuals states step up to denounce President Trump's un-American...

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Support California's Resistance to the Muslim Ban & Muslim Registry

Posted by Kristin McCarthy on February 02, 2017 in Blog

The state of California is taking an early lead in fight back against President Trump's Muslim Ban and any chance of his administration implementing a registry of Arab Americans and/or American Muslims. There are a few bills currently in the state legislature that are strong statements against the policies of the administration that are targeting Muslims. Here’s a quick rundown with links to take action today. AAI commends the ACLU-Northern California’s statement about President Trump’s shameful Executive Order and support of these bills. You can find their statement here.

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AccessCal Empowers Those in Need

Posted by Guest on January 31, 2017 in Blog

by Raneem Alkhatib Access California Services (AccessCal), is a nonprofit that was founded in 1998 to help those struggling in southern California. Arab American Nahla Kayali, who serves on the board of AAI, founded the organization to cater to the needs of refugees and immigrants. Nineteen years later, AccessCal continues to make sure that those who are struggling or in transition have support. AccessCal offers many services to the community including professional help, referrals, and immigration. They also help provide employment, financial and health assistance, and even educational classes. All their...

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Arab American Voter Profile: Jehan Hakim, California

Posted by Shadi Matar on October 11, 2016 in Blog
Interview with Arab American voter Jehan Hakim of California.
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Arab Americans on the Ground in 2016: California

Posted by Shadi Matar on October 11, 2016 in Blog
AAI California Field Organizer Shadi Matar will be hosting a Yalla Vote booth at the Arab Film Festival in Los Angeles on October 22 from 5pm-9pm. He’ll also be discussing #YallaVote so come out to the Harmony Gold Theater to learn about how you can get involved ahead of Election Day!
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Arab American Voter Profile: Rashad Al-Dabbagh

Posted by Shadi Matar on October 05, 2016 in Blog
Arab American Voter Profile: Interview with Rashad Al-Dabbagh, Founder and Executive Director of the Arab American Civil Council (AACC) and the force behind Happy Arab News.
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Arab Americans on the Ground in California

Posted by Shadi Matar on September 28, 2016 in Blog
The Middle Eastern Student Center (MESC) at the University of California, Riverside hosted a #YallaVote registration booth for students on campus this week. The MESC was founded in 2014 and has been a hub for Arab American students on the campus to organize and develop their political identities.
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