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Jusoor is inviting Syrians from around the world as well as members of the global community with an interest in contributing to Syria's future to attend their first annual global conference:

"Syria 2025:  A Forum for Engagement on Syria's Future"

September 29th, 2012

The Ritz Carlton, Battery Park 

New York


Register here by September 1st to take advantage of discounted ticket pricing 

Limited block of discounted rooms being held at the Ritz


Conference overview: This year's conference focuses on establishing a vision for Syria in 2025 and on the role the global Syrian community plays in supporting that vision. It is difficult to plan for the future when there remains such an urgent need to address the present, but the current situation makes it even more important to establish a vision for the development of Syria and its youth in the years to come. The global Syrian community has extraordinary potential to help shape that future and to ensure that the Syria of tomorrow lives up to these ideals. 

We expect more than 300 participants to attend, including members of the North American and international Syrian communities, leading figures in academic circles, and global citizens seeking to contribute to Syria's future. 

In particular, the conference features presentations and panel discussions on the following topics:

Taking stock of the global Syrian community:How many Syrians live outside of Syria? Where are we concentrated? How engaged are we in our adopted countries? What is the strength of our connection to Syria?
Models for expatriate engagement: What can the global Syrian community learn from successful models of diaspora? How have other countries, including India, China, and Mexico,leveraged their expatriate base to support economic, social, and political development?
The path towards improved Syrian standards of living: What can Syria learn from the experiences of other nations that have successfully improved standards of living after years of economic weakness, rapid demographic growth, and conflict?
Investing in Syrian human capital: What is the best path forward for jumpstarting thedevelopment of human capital and civic engagement in Syria? 

The full conference description is posted here. 

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