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In a recent article in Jadaliyya, we explored the problems inherent in a recent Economist cover story called "Egypt in Peril," which featured a pyramid spewing volcano smoke:

Depicting the pyramids as the representation of “Egypt” perpetuates a romanticized conception of Egyptians. For the editors and audience, the pyramids, built thousands of years ago, are what define Egypt. It is this construct of Egypt that is shown to be in peril. People’s livelihoods are not the primary concern. The concept neglects the thousands of years of relevant events and individuals changing the course of history, resulting in the present-day situation that is jeopardizing the human security of common Egyptians. The consequential jeopardy experienced by the Egyptian people is trivialized and its identity betrayed. Using this image is a missed opportunity to convey the uncertainty facing many Egyptians as well as a perpetuation of a false Egyptian identity.

We decided that the best way to demonstrate the absurdity of that cover was to juxtapose it with similar scenarios in different contexts. 

See the rest of them on Jadaliyya.

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