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In Partnership with Rights Working Group, we are calling for the Department of Justice to put an end to Racial Profiling, which not only violates our civil rights, but is also counterproductive from a security standpoint. Sign the Petition to End Racial Profiling Today (deadline is April 15th):



The Domestic Investigative Operational Guidelines (DIOGs), revised in 2008 by the Department of Justice, grant the FBI, DHS, and other agencies the authority to investigate Americans without any evidence of wrongdoing, encouraging instead systemic ethnic and religious profiling to determine the basis for opening a national security investigation.

Despite assurances by the FBI that the revised guidelines “will be audited and enforced through a rigorous compliance mechanism, [and] are designed to ensure that FBI assessments and investigations are subject to responsible review and approval,” the loophole for national security investigations provided in the 2003 directives actually institutionalizes profiling based on race, religion, ethnicity, and national origin.

Not only is profiling a violation of our civil rights, but it is also counterproductive from a security standpoint. As the saying goes, “when looking for a needle in a haystack, adding hay to the stack only makes the job more difficult.” Tying up law enforcement resources, wasting thousands of work hours on profiling is wasteful and pointless, and may cause law enforcement to miss more credible evidence of suspicious behavior. What law enforcement professionals propose instead is “evidence-based, targeted, and narrowly tailored investigations based on individualized suspicion” – in other words, good old fashioned police work.

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