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Leila Sansour, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Open Bethlehem, is currently working on a film about Bethlehem. In the process putting it together, she shot the following 2-minute stand-alone segment in Walaja, titled “They Came in the Morning.” It’s a moving piece about a Palestinian man who lost his olive trees to the Israeli occupation, which cut them down to build the apartheid and annexation barrier around Bethlehem.

The clip has made it into Virgin Media’s Shorts competition. 12 winning clips will be selected by judges, and the 13th will be selected via voting. All 13 winning films will be shown in cinemas across the world, including on some Virgin airlines flights. If you want to help give this film a chance of winning, you can vote for it before the deadline on July 19th by visiting the film’s page and:

1)      Clicking “Like” on the Facebook button

2)       Clicking “Share” on Twitter, or

3)      Tweeting the film yourself with the title and the #ShortsLucky13 hashtag included

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