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By Jade Zoghbi

Spring 2013 Intern

Sherine El-Abd was recently elected as Superintendent of Elections in Passaic County, New Jersey. With this achievement, she is an embodiment of aspiration and success for all—particularly for women in public service and for Arab American and American Muslim women across the political spectrum. She represents a space where Americans of all racial and ethnic backgrounds can play an active role in the voting process to support a clean, transparent and reliable voting outcome.

El-Abd is an Egyptian-born American citizen and immigrated to the United States in 1965. A Texas A&M alum, she became more politically involved upon moving first to New York and New Jersey.

In my interview with her, she tells me more about her new position as superintendent and how she wants to “keep the election process clean and ethical, adding to the voting process and ensuring the process is smooth and error-free.”

She seeks to accomplish these goals “by being true to my responsibilities to my job; sticking to the mission, answering to my roles--but I’m also aware that I am reflecting an image and I am viewed as others--part of them team.”

Her job is year-round and involves much paperwork—yet, additionally, in her positions as superintendent and commissioner of registration, she is in charge of programming and storing machines and monitoring the election process, outreach to voters, and the entering and provision of ballots.

El-Abd wants to “ensure that machines are stored safely, ballots are taken care of, and everything is found in a safe place”.

One of the issues she mentions is the attempts by individuals to register multiple times and the need for this to be stopped. With regard to this, El-Abd applauds her investigation team.

El-Abd has a history of being politically active in her community. She is the former President of the New Jersey Federation of Republican Women, and was previously asked by Governor Christie to run for Statewide Republican delegate of New Jersey. She was selected by Governor Christie to be part of the state’s redistricting commission in 2012.

She is honored to be “serving the people in general—any partisan role has to wait but I seek to empower the people here politically by working with both sides—I need to look at both sides. “

Her final message to the community: “I believe in you” as said by Lebanese-American Khalil Gibran.

We congratulate Sherine El-Abd for her political activism for the community and we look forward to following her work as superintendent to the Passaic County.

To read more about Sherine El-Abd, click here.

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