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By Margaret Lowry

Samar Hazboun is a Palestinian photographer and artist who was born in Jerusalem and raised in the West Bank. She received a degree in photojournalism from the University of Westminster in 2011. Since graduating, she has focused her work on women’s rights with an emphasis on the Middle East. For Hazboun, her art is a form of political expression. Two of Hazboun’s documentary photography series, “Before the Wall” and “Detained: Confessions of Palestinian Children Imprisoned by Israel,” will be on display in Washington DC next weekend in an exhibit curated by the DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival.

Samar’s use of photography as a form of activism is evident in the two series. “Before the Wall” portrays the last generation of Palestinians born before the completion of the Israeli apartheid wall. Subjects were placed in areas with ongoing construction as a form of silent protest against their ongoing loss of rights. Hazboun chooses to portray this young generation of Palestinians in order to emphasize how children are disproportionately affected by the construction of the apartheid wall which bars them from resources as indispensable as medical supplies. In her presentation of the photos, Hazboun notes that “a study by the Adler Research Center in Israel about the influence of violence on Palestinian children stated that 70% of Palestinian children in the West Bank have suffered post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Each photo in “Detained: Confessions of Palestinian Children Imprisoned by Israel” is accompanied by the story of abuse and rights violations of the child portrayed in the photograph, creating a haunting effect for the viewer. Hazboun hopes that the series will “raise awareness about violations committed against Palestinian children and open a discussion regarding universal children's rights.” The powerful images of the children portrayed in both “Detained” and “Before the Wall” confront the viewer with these violations and leave them with a greater understanding of the challenges facing Palestinian children. 

Both series will be on display in Washington, DC as the opening exhibit of the DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival which runs from September 28 – October 5. For more information about the exhibit and for a complete festival program click here.

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