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By Jamila Benkato

Today, the Republican Presidential candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, are in Washington D.C. to speak to a private audience hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition. At $500 a seat, the RJC 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates’ Forum is no casual affair – it is perhaps the most important chance for these candidates to pander to the far right.

Ron Paul was not invited because his views fall too far outside of the mainstream Republican Party, according to RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks. It’s rather surprising that the RJC considers themselves as representative of the mainstream Republican Party, when in actuality their militant backing of Israel, support for Charles Krauthammer's "freedom doctrine," and anti-climate change stance put them much closer to the fringe than the center.

Today’s forum amounts to little more than a pandering session in front of a relatively small audience. But the stances taken here are nevertheless important – it’s critical to know how far a candidate is willing to go in their claims against Obama, in describing his or her vision for the US and Israel’s future, in playing to a larger anti-Islamic and anti-Arab audience. Candidates often make campaign promises they don’t intend to keep. But, words do matter, and we believe that these particular words, presented to the ideological extreme of the Republican party, are remarkably important for understanding the worldview of the Republican presidential candidates. 

Throughout the day we’ll be adding overviews of each of the candidate’s statements at RJC 2012. Please take the time to read what each of these presidential hopefuls has to say about Israel, Iran, the Arab Spring, and much more.


Rick Santorum

Jon Huntsman

Mitt Romney

Michele Bachmann

Newt Gingrich

Rick Perry

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