Posted by on December 12, 2012 in Blog

The Daily Beast has a fascinating article  about Josh Begley, a graduate student at NYU who designed an iPhone app that tracks compiles and maps information on drone strikes. After Apple rejected the application three times – once on technical grounds, and twice for “objectionable content” – Begley decided to put all the information on Twitter.

The result is a harrowing look at the sheer number and brutality of US drone strikes, which have killed up to 4,000 people, though accurate statistics on the program are almost impossible to obtain.

Begley began tweeting at noon on Tuesday. and two days later, he’s still in 2010, which means he still needs to log lion's share of the Obama administration’s countless strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen.

Though Apple hasn’t reversed its decision on Begley’s iPhone app, there’s growing clamor from the public to reconsider, and Begley expects to create a similar app for Android phones.

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