Posted by on November 21, 2012 in Blog

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton anoounced a few minutes ago in Egypt that a cease-fire egreement has been reached to end the violence between Israel and Gaza. And while we're glad that the truce has gone into effect, our community recognizes that “cease-fire” and “resolution” are not synonymous. We must ensure that this cycle of violence does not continue indefinitely. The American public must be informed of the ways in which Israel’s continued blockade, sanctions, and occupation of the Palestinian people – and the US government’s unwillingness to publicly criticize these actions – are harming prospects for long-term peace. And we must change the political and media narratives by turning the lens to the root causes of this ongoing violence.

As we move past this round of violence with much work ahead, let us not forget that Gaza is still in dire need of emergency relief. You can help bring food, water, medicine, and other emergency supplies to the people of Gaza by donating to the United Palestinian Appeal.

And please share with us any additional resources and actions that will help the Arab American community make real and lasting change in this beleaguered region.

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