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Below is the archive of press releases issued by AAI and stories in which AAI appears. If you are a member of the media and interested in talking with us, please contact Marc Sabbagh (202-652-4980).

June 06, 2014 — News

India leads all nations in sending people to Detroit

June 04, 2014 — News

Bowe Bergdahl and the Resurgence of Conservative Islamophobia

May 21, 2014 — News

CAP Fellow Teams up with BDS Group to Thwart Israel Visa Bill

May 16, 2014 — News

Feds Choke Off Vital Somali Lifeline

May 16, 2014 — News

Week ahead: Boxer yields on Israel visa waiver

May 15, 2014 — News

One year in, it’s finally time for NSA reform

May 14, 2014 — News

Father Reese named to Commission on International Religious Freedom

May 13, 2014 — News

With home torn by war, family makes Maricopa their future

May 12, 2014 — News

Perrotta, Mason join NADA- Source: McGreevy to take the reins at Beer Institute- NPA hires new COO

April 08, 2014 — News

Brandeis Cancels Plan to Give Honorary Degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Critic of Islam

March 26, 2014 — Press Release

Arab American Institute Welcomes State Department Statement on Israel Visa Waiver

March 24, 2014 — News

Census Bureau explores new Middle East/North Africa ethnic category

October 31, 2013 — News

The Hill: The Arab American Institute endorses USA Freedom Act

October 03, 2013 — News

WKTV News: President Obama appoints James Zogby to commission on religious freedom

October 03, 2013 — Press Release

Poll: Tunisia: Divided & Dissatisfied with Ennahda

September 18, 2013 — Press Release

President Obama Appoints James Zogby to Commission for International Religious Freedom

September 06, 2013 — News

The Hill: Prominent pro-Israel group throws its weight behind Syria strikes

June 13, 2013 — Press Release

Poll: Egyptian Attitudes Toward the Muslim Brotherhood

June 07, 2013 — Press Release

AAI Calls on DHS to Terminate TSA’s SPOT Behavioral Detection Program

June 06, 2013 — News

Arab-American Scholar Alixa Naff Dies at 93

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