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Texas Arab American Population

U.S. Census Estimated Arab American Population: 91,567
Source: 2005-2009 American Community Survey Rolling 5-Year Average – U.S. Census Bureau

Texas Demographic Sheet 


Key Election Resources

Primary Election

Voter registration deadline for Primary Election: February 3, 2014
Primary Election: March 4, 2014

General Election

Voter registration deadline for the General Election: October 6, 2014
General Election: November 4, 2014

2014 Texas Voter Guide

2014 Texas Fact Sheet

State Party Information


Texas Democratic Party
Gilberto Hinojosa, Chairman

4818 East Ben White Blvd., Suite 104
Austin, Texas 78741
Phone: (512) 478-9800
Fax: (512) 480-2500

Twitter: @TXDemParty

Texas Republican Party
Steve Munisteri, Chairman

1108 Lavaca, Suite 500
Austin, Texas 78701
Phone: (512) 477-9821
Fax: (512) 480-0709

General Email:
Twitter: @RepPartyofTexas


What You Might Have Missed from the “In Defense of Christians” Summit

September 16, 2014 — Blog

What You Might Have Missed from the “In Defense of Christians” Summit

By now, anyone who has heard of the “In Defense of Christians” (IDC) summit that took place in Washington, DC last week undoubtedly knows of the infamous incident involving Senator Ted Cruz. It is unfortunate that the only headlines out of the summit were Senator Cruz’s remarks and the audience’s reaction, as well as a few hit-pieces on the religious leaders in attendance. In an effort to highlight and “remind” people about why these leaders from across the country and the world gathered in DC last week, here are six notable things you might have missed from the IDC summit as Senator Cruz stole the spotlight. Read More »

September 13, 2014 — News

What Ted Cruz Doesn’t Want to Hear About Arab Christians Read more:

Signposts Along the Road: Identifying Restrictive Voter Rights Laws

September 12, 2014 — Blog

Signposts Along the Road: Identifying Restrictive Voter Rights Laws

By Eddie Bejarano
Fall Intern, 2014

With Election Day, November 4, quickly approaching, it is important to highlight and consider the implementation of new elections laws that restrict the voting rights of millions of Americans. In the most recent, and by far the most consequential, challenge to the Voting Rights Act was the 2013 landmark Supreme Court ruling in Shelby County v. Holder. Read More »

Organizations to Know*


Arab American Cultural and Community Center
Arab American Educational Foundation
Arab American Voters

*Please contact Kristin McCarthy if you would like your organization listed.