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Thursday July 17, 2014

Get Back To Work

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Thursday July 10, 2014

Let Freedom Ring?

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Wednesday July 02, 2014

It Just IS

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Wednesday June 25, 2014

Up In The Air

We’re bringing you six topics this week because we can’t neglect talking about the 2014 roller-coaster primary season. “Countdown” is a countdown to elections after all. Read More »

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Thursday June 19, 2014

Bring It Back

In light of his recent passing, AAI would like to pay tribute and recognize just how unsurpassed and dear Casey Kasem was in the hearts of the Arab American community. Featured in our Together We Came series, Kasem’s nationwide contributions are unparalleled; he truly exemplifies what it means to be an exceptional American. Read More »

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Wednesday June 11, 2014

We’re as Shocked as You Are

Excuse us if we seem all over the place, but we can’t help but be in shock today after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s stunning loss in the VA-07 primary yesterday. Cantor was dealt a sharp blow by a relatively unknown candidate, Dr. Dave Brat, who boasted a campaign war-chest of $200,000. No, we didn’t forget a zero. Read More »

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Thursday June 05, 2014

Welcome to the Jungle

Let the pontificating begin. Some say that Arab countries have "warmed to President Obama." Others are saying Arabs have given the President a "negative 2014 report card." This can only mean one thing – a new Zogby Research Services poll is out. This week, ZRS released a comprehensive poll conducted in 7 Arab countries that looks at how Arabs view President Obama and U.S. policy in the region. Read More »

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Tuesday May 20, 2014

Victories, Defeat, and Victory in Defeat

Arab American House Representative Justin Amash is making a big move to try to squash funding for the NSA’s intrusive intelligence programs. In a preemptive measure to ensure the government surveillance reform bill, the USA Freedom Act, gets its due consideration, Amash filed two amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) yesterday which include critical sections of the USA Freedom Act.  Read More »

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Thursday May 15, 2014

Congressional Issues on Congressional Issues (And More)

We’ve long covered Arab-baiting in U.S. politics and campaigns and we will continue to do so as long as members of Congress keep finding ways to inject racism against Arab Americans into political discourse. This time, we bring you an attack from Rep. Devin Nunes (CA 22), who called Arab American Congressman and fellow Republican Justin Amash (MI 3) “Al Qaeda’s best friend in Congress” this week after an intra-party disagreement over U.S. surveillance programs and other legislation backed by Nunes. Read More »

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Thursday May 08, 2014

We’ve Got You Covered

On April 25th we hosted our annual Kahlil Gibran “Spirit of Humanity” Awards Gala here in Washington and social media was a buzz throughout the event. This year, we honored Senator George J. Mitchell for his extraordinary career in public service, Participant Media for their vision and leadership in social justice, and Martin Luther King III for the legacy of his family and the work he does to keep their vision alive. Gibran was an evening for our community to reconnect, celebrate our achievements, and reflect on the path that lies ahead.  Read More »

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Thursday April 03, 2014

Half Good, Half Bad

Countdown is not exactly known for its coverage of uplifting and inspiring stories. Politics, especially in our line of work, is rather messy. This edition contains some uplifting information and, sorry to say, some frustrating news.  Read More »

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Thursday March 27, 2014

Pulling the Plug

No, not on Countdown. Keep reading: Read More »

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Thursday March 20, 2014

Naughty or Nice?

With elections season on its way, political commentators more often than not love to interpret special elections and significant political events as a sign of things to come in November. The prevailing notion right now - even among some Democrats, it seems - is that Democrats are toast in November because of Obamacare, and will likely lose the Senate as a result.  Read More »

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Wednesday March 12, 2014

Shaking in Their Boots

Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA), won’t bash the National Security Agency (NSA) for spying on everyday Americans - in fact she stood by the NSA after the Snowden revelations - but if you spy on her Senate staff, she’s coming after you. That’s the lesson CIA Director John Brennan is learning right now after Senator Feinstein’s heated speech on the Senate floor yesterday.  Read More »

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Thursday March 06, 2014

Back to the Future

Has Mitt Romney been vindicated? After calling Russia the United States’ “number one geopolitical foe” in 2012 and being jibed for his blast from the past rhetoric on Russia by President Obama, it looks like Russian President Vladmir Putin really does deserve Forbes magazine’s 2013 title of “Most Powerful Person.” Read More »

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Wednesday February 26, 2014

At Least Three Reasons to Watch the Oscars

If you’ve been following our blog, chances are you know that this Sunday night we’ll be glued to our TV’s to watch the Academy Awards. Three Arab films are up for Oscars this year: Omar, by Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad, The Square by Egyptian American Jehane Noujaim, and Karamah Has No Walls from Yemen’s Sara Ishaq. All three shed light on events in the Middle East through perspectives not usually found in American media.  Read More »

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Wednesday February 19, 2014

The Day We Fight Back

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas delivered a speech directly to 300 Israeli students and youth leaders in Ramallah to discuss the peace process. Taking a page from the Obama playbook, Abbas went over Netanyahu’s head and spoke directly to the Israeli public to outline the Palestinian position on peace negotiations.  Read More »

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Wednesday February 12, 2014

Living in Limbo

We don’t have to tell you that resolving the crisis in Syria hasn’t been easy. Russia has offered to meet directly with the United States to discuss Syria after the first Geneva II negotiations did not produce much substance, and it was also revealed that Syria is behind schedule in shipping out its chemical weapons arsenal. Still, there is a small piece of good news that could have a big impact for those suffering in Syria: in a welcome step, the Obama administration announced it will ease some restrictions to allow more Syrian refugees to resettle in the United States.  Read More »

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Wednesday February 05, 2014

Three Strikes, No Outs

Talk of the demise of what is easily rated as one of Washington’s most prominent lobby groups is nothing new and not surprisingly untrue. However, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee has swung and missed on three issues they have been publicly pushing for over the past year. First, U.S. public opposition and Obama’s reversal of military involvement in Syria succeeded in trumping AIPAC’s calls for U.S. missile strikes.  Read More »

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Thursday January 23, 2014

All Bark, No Bite?

There isn’t much good news to report out of the Middle East these days. But amid all the chaos, Tunisia, the country where the Arab Spring began, is showing promise of achieving the goals of its revolution. Three years ago this month, Tunisians revolted against their government and began what has no doubt been a rocky transition. Read More »

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