Islam not root cause of ISIS

Posted by Arizona Daily Wildcat on September 22, 2014

On 9/11 on the UA Mall, I encountered one of the ugliest displays of “Islamophobia” I’ve ever seen. Brother Dean, campus’ resident sensationalist, was wearing a fake beard and a shirt with “ISIS” written on it while he held a sign equating Islam with hate and terrorism. He was loudly shouting offensive slogans and confronting a woman in a headscarf, whom I overheard say she felt unsafe, when I first saw him. Her concern was not helped by the fact that the other side of his sign said, “You deserve to be gang-raped.”

But what’s even uglier than this individual...

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What Ted Cruz Doesn’t Want to Hear About Arab Christians

Posted by on September 13, 2014

My mother was fond of saying, “If you want someone to hear you, you must first listen to them.” You must know them, understand the questions they are asking and be sensitive to their concerns. If you do this, she would say, “you will be able to speak with people and not at them.”

What happens when you don’t follow this simple rule of communication was on display during the “In Defense of Christians” (IDC) conference—an event put on to highlight the very dire plight of Christians in the Middle East—that was held this week in Washington.

Addressing an audience of 900 mostly Arab...

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Why Ted Cruz Was Booed Off Stage at a Christian Event

Posted by TIME on September 11, 2014

While the nation watched President Obama primetime address the threat of ISIS Wednesday night, something else was happening in Washington: Senator Ted Cruz was getting booed off the stage of a

Cruz is often considered a rising darling of the American Christian right. He speaks at evangelical gatherings in the country, talks to groups of conservative pastors and headlines events with the Family Research Council. But Wednesday night, his Christian audience was largely Eastern and Arab. The brand of conservative, American evangelicalism that Cruz often champions—one that often aligns itself with the state of Israel’s interests—did not sit well with...

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Islamophobia Makes a Comeback

Posted by The American Conservative on September 11, 2014

Sandeep Singh was dragged 30 feet under a pick-up truck after the driver reportedly called him a terrorist, told him to go back to his country, and then mowed him down in the middle of 99th Street in New York City. Singh survived the ordeal, but he’s going to need skin grafts. He told police what happened and now Joseph Caleca of Long Island is charged with a hate crime. “I was attacked because I am a Sikh and because I look like a Sikh,” Singh, 29, told reporters from his hospital bed. “We need to create a world without hate.”

Thirteen years...

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13 Years After 9/11, Anti-Muslim Bigotry Is Worse Than Ever

Posted by The Daily Beast on September 11, 2014

On 9/11, I didn’t watch the World Trade Center collapse on television like most people. I witnessed that tragedy a few blocks from where it occurred, standing motionless at 8th Street and 6th Avenue in lower Manhattan.

Images from that day are still seared in my mind. The South Tower buckling. A sobbing woman running by. An NYPD police car racing uptown covered in debris. A crystal blue sky.

Once we learned that al Qaeda was responsible for the attack, I knew there would be a backlash against Muslim and Middle Eastern Americans.  But what I could’ve never predicted was...

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Des Familles de victimes du 11 Septembre luttent contre l’Islamophobie

Posted by Radio VM on September 11, 2014

Des membres des familles de victimes des attentats du 11 septembre 2001 à New York ont lancé une campagne de promotion de la tolérance religieuse et de dénonciation de l'islamophobie.

La campagne d'affichage sur les bus new yorkais présente les slogans «L'islamophobie, c'est moche» et «Construisons des ponts, pas des murs. La haine tue, l'espoir guérit.» L'action, réalisée dans le cadre la commémoration de la tragédie qui a tué près de 3'000 personnes, est sponsorisée par l'association «September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows» (Les familles du 11 septembre pour des lendemains pacifiques). Le lancement de la campagne a coïncidé avec...

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Is The “Islamic State” Islamic?

Posted by The Dish on September 11, 2014

Last night, Obama made a point of stressing that ISIS is not Islamic. The usual suspects had a field day with that line, but Ramesh Ponnuru finds it sort of pointless:

I’m not sure what presidents think they are achieving when they make this assertion. (Bush did it too, all the time.) The alternative would be to say, “They claim to act in the name of Islam, something peace-loving Muslims say is a perversion of their faith,” or just to say nothing about the point. I can’t imagine that a non-Muslim-American president convinces anyone when he tells the world what...

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Ted Cruz booed off stage

Posted by Desert News on September 11, 2014

A Washington conference aimed at spotlighting persecution of Christians in the Middle East collapsed Wednesday evening when Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was booed off the stage for his support of Israel, whose Jewish citizens he said were equal victims of Islamic extremist persecution.

Cruz was the keynote speaker at a dinner concluding theIn Defense of Christians conference held in the capital to bring attention to the plight of Christians in Iraq, Syria and other areas of the Middle East where Islamic extremist forces are demanding non-Muslims either pay a special tax, convert or face execution.

Before the 2003 invasion...

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Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage at Middle-East Christians’ Group

Posted by ABC News Radio on September 11, 2014

It’s not every day that you see a presidential contender getting booed off stage. But that’s what happened Wednesday night when Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, widely viewed as a likely Republican candidate for the White House in 2016, addressed a group called In Defense of Christians at a gala dinner for its inaugural summit at the Omni Shoreham hotel in Washington, D.C.

The video suggests, and Cruz’s office concurs, that the senator was booed and jeered for speaking favorably about Israel. The video is missing some context and begins after Cruz has already been interrupted and as an...

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The propaganda war Obama is losing

Posted by POLITICO on September 09, 2014

As President Barack Obama prepares to unveil his strategy for turning back ISIL’s gains in Syria and Iraq, the headlines will most likely focus on expanding U.S. airstrikes and challenges of defeating the group without involving American troops.

But one potentially critical part of the battle against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant also seems poised for a big new push: working to keep foreign fighters — including Americans — from joining the group in the first place.

Officials and outside experts say an essential part of fighting ISIL, Al Qaeda and similar groups is undercutting their propaganda...

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