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Tonight will be the opening reception of an exhibition in downtown New York featuring the life and culture of the "Little Syria" community that once inhabited Lower Manhattan:

In the late 1800s, immigrants from the Arab World began settling in lower Manhattan. Their entrepreneurial spirit transformed the neighborhood, which came to be known as Little Syria, into a thriving community lined with shops, restaurants and coffeehouses, each furnished with signs written in their native Arabic. Here Arab Americans raised their families, educated their children, formed religious and community organizations and gradually became part of the life of New York.

Although razed to make way for the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel and later the World Trade Center, the impact of this community resonates in the current Arab American community of New York and the dozens of similar communities nationwide. This exhibition documents the life of this immigrant community, recognizing Little Syria’s contribution to the city of New York, its connections to the Arab World, and its legacy across the United States.

The exhibit opens tonight and runs through May 27th. For more information on tonight's reception, please click here.

Click here for more information on the Little Syria, NY project.


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