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In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, we are excited to announce that Martin Luther King III will accept a special recognition award at the Kahlil Gibran “Spirit of Humanity” Awards Gala for his work and his family’s legacy, most especially the pioneering vision and leadership of his father, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King III has carried the torch lit by both of his parents by dedicating himself to non-violent social action to rid the world of social, political, and economic injustice.

At Gibran, we want Arab Americans to come together as a community to celebrate the legacy of the King family and to reflect on the progress we have made as a country over the past 50 years, and, equally important, how far we have yet to go to fully realize Dr. King’s dream.

Looking back over the past century, we remember the contribution of Arab Americans like Ralph Johns who helped stage the Greensboro Four sit-in at Woolworth, which sparked a national movement to fight segregation. We also look toward future challenges facing our nation in our continued common struggle for civil rights and justice.

We are honored to have Martin Luther King III join us at Gibran. We hope you will too.

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