Posted by on October 05, 2012 in Blog

The range of the debate on U.S. policy toward Iran has been focused on whether the U.S. should join Israel in making military threats, or whether the debilitating sanctions the U.S. has placed on Iran suffice. Rarely, however, does anyone suggest that we use carrots instead of sticks to try to induce a better response from Iranian leaders. MJ Rosenberg makes precisely that argument.

Noting that sanctions have only hurt the Iranian economy and people, without doing much to dissuade the Iranian government from further developing its nuclear program, Rosenberg suggests offering the Iranian rulers an incentive to back down without losing face for having yielded to Western pressures and threats. What might that be? “Unconditional diplomacy,” Rosenberg says. Interestingly enough, this was 2007 candidate Obama’s preference as well, but domestic American and Iranian developments have done much to sidetrack that approach. You can read the rest of Rosenberg’s article here.

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