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Today’s news that MJ Rosenberg is leaving Media Matters due to pressure from so-called “pro-Israel” groups reminds us once again that even in the freest country on earth, people cannot have open and healthy debate on all issues. Nonetheless, the American system is light years ahead of government-controlled media environments that characterize most autocratic countries, including all across the Middle East. But as people increasingly utilize social media to get around government censorship, and as governments across the region are forced to open up due to their peoples’ courageous uprisings, what becomes of the media in the Arab World in the coming years remains to be seen.

On Monday evening, PitaPolicy and the DC Chapter of the Network of Arab American Professionals (NAAP-DC) will host the second installment of their Media on MENA series. The event, taking place at DC’s popular “Busboys & Poets” restaurant on 5th & K NW, will explore the significance of media freedom in the post-Arab Spring transition of the Arab World into more open societies.

The event hosts an impressive list of speakers, including Danah Abdullah, Editor/Founder of Kalimaat Magazine; Ezzat Ibrahim, North America Bureau Chief for Al-Ahram English; Fahd Banhawy, Freelance Journalist; Hanan Elbadry from the US Bureau Chief for Cairo News; and Omid Memarian, NPR Guest Host. The event’s Facebook page indicates that dozens of people will be attending. If you can make it, you should go!

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