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Well actually, it’s not a book, but it is a rather important document sometimes ignored; the United States Constitution. Representative Amash, 30, Republican from Michigan, is the youngest Arab American ever elected to Congress.

In yesterday’s New York Times, there was an extensive profile on Amash and his voting record. The article’s author, Jennifer Steinhauser, was particularly interested in Amash’s methodology in arriving at decisions on legislation. Steinhauser, labeling Representative Amash “Contrarian,” cited his willingness to take unlikely stances on issues and side with lawmakers on the opposite side of the aisle because – unlike many of his compatriots in Congress – Amash votes based on what he views to fit within the legal parameters set by the Constitution.

Take a look at Steinhauser’s article, it’s a good one.    

Read the New York Times article: "In Class of Colorful Freshmen, Meet the Most Contrarian", April 14, 2011.

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