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AAI president James Zogby appeared on Andrea Mitchell Reports today with Al-Arabiya Washington bureau chief Hisham Melham to discuss anti-U.S. protests unfolding in several Arab and Muslim countries throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Now in their second week, the inability and perceived unwillingness to deal with protestors and calm public sentiment in several countries have cast doubt about the future relationships of the U.S. and many of its key allies like Egypt. “I think the president was right to be firm with president Morsi,” Jim told Andrea Mitchell, referring to reports that President Obama delivered a warning to Egypt’s new president Mohammed Morsi that his government needed to do more to ameliorate the situation on the ground. “We need to press him [Morsi] to act like the government that he has become,” Jim said. Morsi’s Government was criticized by the U.S. for not issuing a statement to deter angry protestors from storming the U.S. embassy in Cairo following the offensive video that flooded the internet about the Prophet Muhammad.

Despite the initial criticism, Jim stressed the importance of maintaining a good relationship with Egypt, a country he described as the “hinge” between three continents and critical to the stability of the region. “The stability of Egypt and the [U.S.] relationship with Egypt is critical to everybody in the region, but it’s critical to American interest as well,” he said. “We don’t want to cut our nose to spite our face.” 

You can view a transcript of this segment by clicking here.

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