The Arab American Institute (AAI) supports policies that promote a positive way forward for Lebanon and recognize that Lebanon is a key component to a stable, peaceful Middle East.

The United States must work to develop constructive policies for Lebanon- policies that promote territorial integrity, political independence, and cultural integration of Lebanon. Divisive, unilateral language and legislation seeking to isolate and condemn America’s regional adversaries only perpetuates the dangerous prism through which U.S. policymakers currently view Lebanon- as a country defined by irreparable sectarian divisions and inevitable host to foreign proxies. Sincere diplomatic engagement by the U.S. is needed to support Lebanon in its progress towards sustainable political reconciliation necessary for the future and to urge Lebanon’s regional neighbors to continue working with the leadership in Lebanon to expedite full governance in Lebanon by Lebanese authorities.

AAI endorses U.S. diplomacy that will assist the Lebanese people in achieving reform, reconciliation and national unity; work to strengthen the Lebanese army and develop other national institutions; encourage investment and economic development that will facilitate fair distribution of services, opportunities and employment; and encouragement for the implementation of all U.N. reforms. It is crucial for U.S. leadership to demonstrate to the Lebanese people that their country, as a unified and sovereign nation, is a respected U.S. partner in the Middle East-rather than a battleground of foreign confrontation or competition.

 Download AAI's 2015 report Saving Lebanon: The Case for Supporting a Strategic Partner

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