The Arab American Institute (AAI) supports a responsible end to the war in Iraq modeled after the key recommendations of the Iraq Study Group Report focusing on political reconciliation and regional diplomacy.

A responsible end to this war must recognize that long term peace and security in Iraq can only be achieved through political reform and national reconciliation; a challenge the Iraqis themselves must face. There must be a drawdown of American forces in Iraq to signal that diplomatic engagement, not a military strategy, is the only way to resolve the ongoing political stalemate in Iraq; improve the humanitarian crisis facing refugees and internally displaced persons; and attract international support for Iraqi reconstruction. In order to achieve these goals, the United States must lead diplomatic efforts involving all of Iraq’s neighbors when working towards a plan for peace and stability.

AAI strongly endorses policies aiming to secure the unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Iraq; support reconciliation among Iraq’s sectarian groups that will bring about stable, democratic governance based on tolerance, transparency, and respect for liberal institutions; prevent the spread of violence, genocide or an al-Qaeda safe haven in Iraq; provide financial support for Iraq’s reconstruction and development; and ensure that our troops, including thousands of Arab Americans, return home safely. 


From AAI

From Dr. Zogby